Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Well, it’s a tough challenge this week-Unusual.


It’s unusual to have snow in Cork. Last year we had a lot! :-)

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  1. Lovely colours! i hope the snow was enough for fun and not so much to be a nuisance :-)

    • livvy30 said:

      Thanks! It was Ok because we only had a little bit. It caused problems in other parts of the country!

  2. Robin said:

    Ah, I like the unusual. Keeps life interesting (even if, in this case, it made it much colder.)

  3. doodlecafe said:

    Neat photo, fenetely unusual for costa rica

  4. Margie said:

    OMG, LOL, this definitely qualifies Livvy! Fab entry! Thanks for visiting me today! I love making new blogging buddies!

  5. Really unusual… Well done dear Olivia, Thanks and Love, nia

  6. Mizz said:

    All am seeing is a beautiful scenery

  7. Lovely photo! Isn’t it odd, we normally have snow on the ground at this time of year (I’m in Illinois, USA) but instead all the flowers are blooming and the trees have leaves.

    • livvy30 said:

      We’ve had blossoms since January here too! I could have used those photos for the theme too! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. David said:

    No way! This is just above cool!

  9. You had our snow, that’s what happened!
    Thank you ;-)

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