WordPress Photo Challenge: Create

I might be pushing the subject of Create a little bit here, but these guys are flowering at the moment. We planted the seeds months ago, the seeds created plants, the plants created flowers and soon the flowers will create yummy courgettes, which will create yummy dinners! :-)

Courgette flower

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  1. Lovely, the best thing about courgettes are the flowers!

  2. I really love the flowers on Courgettes, they are spectacular. Livvy…could you create a bunch of people who would like to take some of my many future courgettes, I always plant too many!! Why ??? I have no idea..LOL!

    • They’re so touch and go though. Last year we’d really bad luck with them-just one plant. This year we could start a market garden with them!

  3. Courgette! Sounds a lot more interesting than zucchini!

    • I don’t know. I like zucchini :-)

  4. Like you say, you’re: “pushing the subject of Create a little bit here”, but you’ve come up with an excellent interpretation.

  5. Madelaine said:

    Have you ever fried the blossoms? They’re awesome!

  6. Paula said:

    That is a creation in process :). I hope you will make them really yummy… come to think of it…have you tried eating the flowers themselves? We make them here a la parisienne (fried in pancake pastry – mixture of flour, water, eggs, a pinch of salt) and deep fried .. they are delicious .. no need to wait till they turn into courgettes ;)

  7. Nicole said:

    YAY for gardens that flower… and turn into veggies! :)

    • I know! I’m obsessed with our strawberries and carrots too!

  8. Best kind of create there is, Livvy.

  9. Wow, I learned something new today…thanks for sharing.

  10. sued51 said:

    I don’t think it is pushing it…It takes patience and care to grow plants from seeds.
    This is a beautiful photo…I like that you took it before the blossom was open…

  11. This was a great photo of a much ignored, yet beautiful flower!

  12. stuff one with a cottage cheese mixture, with herbs, chilli, or to your taste, dipped in tempura batter and deep fried, these are fabulous!

  13. A beautiful and delicious creation. There’s something fulfilling in having to harvest and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Gardening is a very relaxing, rewarding hobby. Thanks.

  14. A friend just told me about frying these flowers and now here it is again! I will definitely need to try this. Meanwhile. Beautiful photo and a great nudge to get this cooking!

  15. Squash blossoms! My Italian uncle many years ago used to coat them with a breading and fry them up as a treat.
    What an amazing photo! Thank you!

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